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Is this a turning point? Wall Street’s new mantra: green is good.

When Larry Fink, co-founder of BlackRock, one of the largest asset managers in the world, increases sustainable investments Wall Street and the global financial market takes notice. 81% of sustainable indices outperformed mainstream indices last year according to BlackRock. Fink predicts “big future inflows that “green” [investments] will eventually become entirely mainstream”. This Financial Times article provides a global history of sustainable finance and debates whether the trend towards sustainable investments can be part of the climate change solution.

Closer to home, the Climate Change Commission recently released advice to the Government on the required steps to address climate change in Aotearoa, which is open for public consultation.

Is this a turning point? Share your thoughts of these recent developments and the role of impact investing in contributing to Aotearoa’s path towards net zero emissions.

Photo: Financial Times, Bill Butcher


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