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What is impact investing to Investors?

As market demands and expectations continue to gain momentum within the impact investing market, driving investment decisions, investees and investors try and determine the most efficient/effective way to communicate current and expected impact, or social value, through measurement and reporting techniques.

The decisions that investors and investees make about how to measure and report their impact, indicate the desire to reflect overall environmental, social, and cultural impacts of their investments.

NZ & Global connection

IIN understands the importance of building relationships both domestically and internationally to provide a network that can connect any investor or business to necessary assets that can assist them along their impact journeys.

How to manage investment policies

IIN creates a unique Aotearoa platform to assist investors and business leverage impact investing best practice by understanding and utilising global resources and opportunities.

Impact measurement and management

Gathering, analysing, and interpreting data to track progress surrounding expected change with the goal of managing impact portfolios has been referred to as, “impact management”. Increased focus around utilising data through impact management has begun to influence impact investors measurement and reporting practices. Within the field of impact investing measurement exist three main approaches to reporting impact known as quantitative analysis of impact, theory of change, and qualitative analysis.

Resources for Investors

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