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Tikanga-led impact investment

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

These guides have been provided by The Connective and can be accessed here.

The four guides produced by The Connective, Jo Kelly, Ian Short and Rangimarie Price (NAB member), provides an overview of tikangi-led impact investment. Each guide applies tikangi Māori to one aspect of impact investment and together they provide a complete picture, illustrated with Te Ao Māori case studies.

  • Guide 1: Moving closer to a Māori world view. Tikanga-led investments deliver systems-level and regenerative value and are focused on impact that is long term and self-sustained.

  • Guide 2: Understanding connections. Tikanga Māori understands the symbiotic relationship between humanity and the environment. Shifting the focus from siloed decision making to an interconnected and intergenerational view.

  • Guide 3: Delivering on your vision. Achieving outcomes with criteria for prioritising and developing a shared understanding with people in your community.

  • Guide 4: Creating a culture of impact. Intentionally creating a culture of impact management, measurement and reporting, increases the likelihood for outcomes to be achieved. Culturally relevant indicators need to form part of impact management.


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