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Legal Opinion: Enabling Impact Investing — what's holding us back?

Parry Field Lawyers recently released a legal opinion highlighting the opportunity to put a trust’s money to good use — advancing the trust’s charitable purpose through impact investment. But trusts with funds typically do not engage in impact investing.

The report tackles the issue of large funds and trusts which have amounts they invest, often conservatively. It asks: do those in governance of such entities actually now have a positive duty to invest funds for impact?

Steven Moe, Partner at Parry Field Lawyers, argues that they do for a variety of reasons.

The report covers:

  • Perceived barriers to impact investing

  • A reframing for duties and obligations of Trustees

  • Nine practical realities

  • And even a model statement of investment policy and objectives (SIPO)

Listen to the audio version of the report here.

Responsible Investment Benchmark Report 2023

Thank you to Steven Moe and the team at Parry Field Lawyers for their commitment to growing the impact investing sector in Aotearoa.

The Impact Investing Network provides the space to share ideas and initiatives on growing the impact investing sector. However this legal opinion is from Parry Field Lawyers. The IIN is sharing this document for information purposes and it is not intended as legal advice. 


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