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Impactful views from the Global Impact Summit

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

On 6-8 October 2021 the GSG Global Impact Summit was held online. It was one of the largest global gatherings of the impact investing community with over 1,200 representatives from government, business, asset owners and managers, entrepreneurs, academics and market builders.

The overwhelming theme was impact investing has moved into the mainstream globally.

Aotearoa New Zealand speakers at the Summit

Aotearoa New Zealand has its largest attendance from members of the impact investing and sustainable finance sectors.

David Woods (NAB) and Fonteyn Moses-Te Kani (Toitū Tahua: Centre for Sustainable Finance, Westpac) made important contributions as speakers to represent Aotearoa New Zealand on the global stage.

David shared the NZ NAB's progress from its inception over three years ago to its current position. Our experience in New Zealand can benefit other national advisory boards earlier in their journey and helps to grow the global network of 33 countries. David also contributed to another session focused on the need to consider both social and environmental impact in our transition to net zero.

Fonteyn shared experiences on the progress made in Aotearoa with promoting equity, diversity and inclusion in the finance. Fonteyn has been integral in improving accessibility and inclusiveness for Māori in the financial system.

New Zealand takeaways

We've also summarised takeaways from New Zealand representatives.

  • "Impact investing is now part of the global mainstream".

  • "Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion - you don’t have to be great to get started, you have to start to become great. Peoples fear of getting it wrong stops them from just starting. To start is the greatest challenge. The next challenge is in humility to accept we don’t know everything about everyone. Just allow the voices to be heard and change the system to accommodate".

  • "The Global Impact Summit reminded me of how advanced the innovation in funding impact is becoming around the world, and how exciting the potential for Aotearoa to learn from this is - if we just give it a go".

  • "We are not on our own, this is a global movement, and this event help reinforce how many are on the same journey across the world".

  • “Put impact at the core of every business decision, move from “add-on” to what business gets done to how all business gets done. In 10 years’ time - don’t have an impact investing sector, move to have impact considered in all decision making in the private sector”.

G7 Impact Taskforce - global perspective

As part of the UK's G7 presidency, the UK government has created an independent Impact Taskforce (ITF) to promote impact-driven economies and societies that are sustainable and inclusive.

The ITF's core work will completed through two working groups that reflects the focus areass of the global impact investing sector.

The first, led by the Global Steering Group for Impact Investment (GSG) will focus on the need for greater transparency, integrity and harmonisation of impact measurement and reporting.

The second, led by The Impact Investing Institute will develop principles and recommendations to mobilise capital at scale by financing vehicles. Read more.

The NZ NAB is part of the GSG's global network and will be providing feedback to the working groups' recommendations.

If you didn't attend the Global Impact Summit you can view the highlights with visualisations and watch a small selection of sessions here.


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