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Overview of Impact Investing in Aotearoa

Updated: Aug 23

This report has been provided by the Centre for Social Impact and can be accessed here.

This report by the Centre for Social Impact and Steven Moe covers:

  • Part 1: What is impact investing? Covering the essential ingredients that set impact investment apart and principles of intentionality, expectation of return and impact measurement.

  • Part 2: The impact investing landscape in Aotearoa and the world. Providing a global perspective including examples from Australia, the UK and US. An Aotearoa NZ perspective is shown including tikangi-led examples.

  • Part 3: Case studies. Interviews from leading impact investments in Aotearoa NZ including: New Zealand Green Investment Finance, Foundation North, Community Finance, The Tindall Foundation.

  • Part 4: Resources. Recommended international and NZ resources on impact investment.