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NAB signs off business plan - rolling up the sleeves to put plan into action

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

Last update we shared roles the NAB can play to grow the impact investing sector:

  • Transition from the previous focus on international alignment and best practice (we will still keep across this) to showcasing the strengths of impact investing in the unique Aotearoa NZ way. Through raising the profile of impact investing, including innovative investment models.

  • Educate the market on how to get started with impact investing and continue to grow capability with reliable data, accepted standards and impact management.

  • Be the kaitiaki of impact by setting and raising the integrity bar through intentionality and impact measurement to help catalyse (through proof and experience) the transition to a truly sustainable Aotearoa New Zealand.

  • Be a platform for shared stories, case studies and learning.

  • Scale the impact investable pipeline and connect deals to investment.

  • Deliver community activities to maintain a healthy and connected ecosystem.

  • Facilitate the contribution of indigenous and Māori communities to impact investing.

  • Connect global trends and players to the Aotearoa NZ market.

We’ve taken these roles and signed off our business plan to deliver our purpose to: connect, educate and advocate to grow the impact investing sector and help catalyse the transition to a sustainable Aotearoa New Zealand.

Rolling up the sleeves - activities to be delivered this year

As well as continuing the activities we’ve previously delivered (in black), we plan to deliver new activities this year (in orange).

CONNECT Facilitate connections between NZ and global ecosystem


Provide access to education resources

ADVOCATE Influence NZ economy, policy and regulations

  • Deliver community activities to maintain a connected and well informed ecosystem e.g. newsletters, digital updates.

  • Host and participate in impact investing sector events.

  • Connect NZ to international players and knowledge e.g. GSG.

  • Scale the impact investable pipeline and connect deals to investment.

  • ​Facilitate education sessions and publish content e.g. impact measurement, impact investing resources.

  • Digital hub to profile investment deals, case studies, resources hub.

  • Facilitate the contribution of indigenous and Māori communities to impact investing body of knowledge and develop engagement plan.

  • ​Publish advocacy pieces, including government engagement plan.

  • Showcase unique strengths of Aotearoa NZ with case studies.

  • Advocate to scale the investment readiness pipeline.

  • Facilitate sector projects to increase the scale, capability and connectedness of the impact investing market.

Partner with us - we need your help

An ecosystem is only as healthy as the diversity and activity of its members. The NAB sees our primary role as enabling the community of impact investing practitioners.

It’s been a challenging and unprecedented period for all of us. That makes us even more committed to work together, to grow our impact investing sector.

Throughout this year, we’ll be getting in contact to get you involved with our activities.

To get the community together at events, we need your participation to share experiences.

To shine the spotlight on the unique strengths of impact investing in Aotearoa NZ, we need your stories.

To deliver scalable sector projects, we need your collective input.

Interested? Contact Tan, our IIN Manager, to get involved.

Thank you to our supporters and partners

We are grateful to the support of the following organisations that enable us to deliver our activities:


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