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Impact Investing Network welcomes Raphael Rauner

Updated: May 9

We are excited to announce that our Impact Investing Network team has grown!

Raphael Rauner has come onboard as our Community and Digital Advisor - assisting on a part-time basis with everything you see and experience: our website, LinkedIn page, newsletters, events, and sector building initiatives.

Originally from Switzerland, Raphael grew up in the Winterless North, learning to sail at a young age and spending all his free time outdoors exploring pristine beaches and bush. During the later stages of secondary school, he spent a semester in Chile, where he acquired proficiency in Spanish. He is currently in his fifth year of a Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Arts in Politics and International Relations at the University of Auckland. 

In addition to studying, Raphael has interned for the New Zealand Parliament, where he assisted an electorate MP with policy and local issues research.  He also spent six months as a research assistant at the German-New Zealand Chamber of Commerce. There, he became involved with projects that did not only focus on singular commercial transactions but the greater social and environmental good. 

“Over the last few years, I’ve realised the role of  private individuals and businesses- of all sizes - in defining the world’s bigger issues, with action no longer requiring top-down directives from large corporations or the government .” 

“The role of impact investment became clear when I was part of projects that helped German SMEs set up in the New Zealand market - at face value; these were private entities. However, the expertise and services they provided to New Zealand and the Pacific filled gaps in the market, especially in the renewable energy space.” 

“It demonstrates that investment can both provide a financial return and deliver environmental and social benefits. I saw that first hand with projects surrounding Green Hydrogen and the employment opportunities these investments provided to the Pacific.” 

Raphael’s desire to deepen his knowledge on this side of public policy and regulation drew him to the IIN. 

“In this ever-evolving regulatory and policy environment - where businesses and governments are actively working towards meeting environmental and social targets, it is easy for information to become convoluted.” 

“The IIN makes this complex framework digestible by publishing, researching, and connecting with individuals and businesses involved in impact investing. I’m excited to be a part of it.” 

Raphael will work closely with Tan Huynh, IIN Manager, and Duke Euphrat, IIN Sector and Project Advisor. 

"We're delighted to welcome Raphael's energy to our team. As well as Raphael's studies and growing experiences in policy areas, what consistently impressed us was Raphael's clear intention to make a positive difference in the world through his professional and personal projects".


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