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Impact Investing Network Podcast - Purpose Capital with Bill Murphy

Check out IIN's new podcast!

As we enter the second half of 2023, the Impact Investing Network team, Tan Huynh, Joseph Duke Euphrat, and Jamie Wood, will provide the impact investing community more insight on the individuals within the impact investing space in Aotearoa.

The goal is for the wider community to get a better understanding of the various backgrounds and diversity of thought that is contributing to the growth and support of Aotearoa New Zealand's impact investing ecosystem.

To introduce another incredible individual, our third podcast has been released! Joseph Duke Euphrat and Jamie Wood interview Bill Murphy from Purpose Capital, covering:

  • What purpose means to Bill;

  • How Purpose Capital measure impact;

  • What impact their portfolio companies have achieved so far;

  • Where he sees impact investing in Aotearoa in 5 years' time;

  • and some other nuggets...

Purpose Capital
Purpose Capital

Bill closes the podcast with a book recommendation and a kind offer to those looking for careers that focus on social and environmental impact.

Follow the link below to listen - like and subscribe for updates on future podcasts.


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