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A Letter from

David Woods

A response to Blackrock Finance’s CEO Larry Fink's

letter warning CEOs to seriously

consider impact investing.

Tikanga-led Impact Investment (Potrait)

Tikanga-led impact investment

Overview of tikangi-led impact investment with Te Ao Māori case studies.

A Short Guide to Impact Investing

An introduction to better understand how business can drive social change and create social impact.

Impact Investment in Action.JPG

Impact Investment in Action

Case studies of cross-sector partnerships and collaborations initiated by the philanthropic sector.

Responsible Investment Benchmark Report

RIAA's latest Benchmark Report measures the size and growth of the New Zealand responsible and impact investment market. 

II_Transforming our economy.JPG

Transforming our economy 

Recommendations to improve the access to impact investment for enterprises in NZ.


Overview of Impact Investing in Aotearoa

The essential ingredients that set impact investing apart in Aotearoa NZ with case studies.

Impact Investor Insights

The first in-depth research of the impact investing market in Aotearoa New Zealand.

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