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Small Scale Granule Pouch Packing Machine is an efficient sachet pack packing machine that is ideal for the packaging of up to 500 g of grain. It is available in many different models and comes with many useful features such as automatic filling, printing expiration date, notch edge packing, coding and date code printer. The machine can be easily operated and is suited for various granule sizes.

This granules/pulses packing machine features pneumatic collar and provides a complete support for the packaging. Its low maintenance, easy adjustment, and reliable outputs make it a good choice for a wide range of granule and powder applications. The food-grade stainless steel used for all its contact parts ensures hygienic and food-grade quality. The cut-off blades are designed to help separate the sachet from the film web. The machine features an intuitive control panel with HMI and PLC with self-diagnosis capabilities. It also has an overload protection system.

This machine is an efficient solution for packaging granular products. It features enter seal support and is ideal for filling powder, ointment, and granular materials. This machine is suitable for a wide variety of granular materials and is easily adjustable. All parts are made from food-grade stainless steel, including the cutters and rollers. A PID temperature controller ensures accurate sealing of granules. The cut off blades are designed to allow for the convenient separation of the sachet from the film web. It is a high-quality granule pouch packing machine that comes with many advanced features.

Automatic Granule Pouch Packing Machine: This type of granules packing machine is suitable for packaging of dry powder and granules. It is available in a manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic model. It can pack a variety of solid materials including granules and powder. These machines can be fitted with anti-pollution features.

Automatic Pouch Packing Machine: It is an automatic weighing granule packing machine that is suitable for various granules. It is a very useful sifter for the packaging of powders, salt, mehndi, and tea. The single-head automatic gram pouch packing machine can easily handle a few pounds of dry goods. A ten-head granule pouch packing equipment can pack three thousand pounds of food at a time.

Automatic Pouch Packing Machines: The Automatic Pouch Packing Machine is an excellent machine for granules. It is a high-speed weighing machine that can be used for various types of granules. It is compatible with most kinds of granules, including granules, sugar, and tea. This type of weighing machine is also suitable for fresh foods, such as pasta, seeds, and coffee.


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