The State of Impact Measurement & Management Practice

GIIN, Dec 2017: Click here to read the report.

This report presents findings from the GIIN's first comprehensive survey of the state of impact measurement and management (IMM) in the impact investing industry.

A hallmark of impact investing is the commitment to measure – and increasingly to manage – impact. Impact management is the process by which impact investors can understand the effects of their investments on people and the planet, and set goals to adapt processes and improve outcomes. Over the years, the impact investing industry has dedicated increasing resources to IMM, deepening the sophistication of practice as the industry has developed. This report provides critical data and transparency regarding IMM practice, enabling investors to better understand this core element of impact investing. The nuanced insights presented here shed light on various approaches, expose challenges, and identify areas for improvement, encouraging investors to deepen their impact practice and improve their ability to generate positive social and environmental change.

In addition to the survey findings, the report highlights notable developments in the field of IMM in three Market Spotlight sections based on secondary research.

Key Findings

  1. Impact investors seek to create many different types of impact

  2. Impact investors actively seek to understand and manage their impact

  3. Impact investors embed IMM into the core of their activities

  4. The industry has made significant progress, yet challenges in IMM persist

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