The Impact Investing Guidebook for Foundations

Purpose Capital, 2017: Click here to read the document.

This guidebook was created for large and small foundations, with different capacities and levels of commitment. While the size of a foundation can increase its capacity to invest, foundations of all types and sizes have chosen to follow this path from a desire to have a greater positive impact in their communities and the world more broadly.

It includes answers to many common questions, including:

  • What is Impact Investing?

  • Why is it important for foundations?

  • What are other foundations doing about it?

  • How can we begin, advance or improve Impact Investing at our foundation?

The guide was written to provide practical strategies and tactical support for executive directors and board members of foundations that are considering or beginning to make impact investments.

It covers a range of materials, including:

  • A roadmap to begin or deepen Impact Investing at your organisation

  • Success stories from foundation leaders

  • Clear examples of Impact Investing in practice

  • Myths that can get in the way of Impact Investing, and motivations that can help overcome barriers

This guide features stories from foundation leaders who have successfully introduced Impact Investing in their organisations.

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