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Alastair Rhodes replaces David Woods as NAB Chair

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

After serving as Deputy Chair and then Chair of the National Advisory Board for Impact Investing (NAB) over the last four years, David Woods will pass on the baton to Alastair Rhodes as the new NAB Chair.

David is a prominent figure in impact investing and sustainable finance, globally and here in Aotearoa New Zealand. This change enables David to focus on the numerous directorship roles he holds domestically and globally.

We are fortunate to retain David as a member of the NAB. Given David’s expertise in the global impact investing markets he will step in the newly created role as GSG Liaison. David will be the NAB’s representative in engaging with the GSG (Global Steering Group for Impact Investment). This important role sees David advising on the major global developments and activities that relate to the New Zealand market.

Alastair replaces David as Chair with full support of the NAB.

David reflects on four good years, “It’s been an honour and a wonderful privilege to lead the NAB in its inaugural journey since we began talking about setting it up back in 2017, and I think it’s time to pass the baton to someone else. I’m delighted Alastair is taking over, as he brings strengths that I don’t have, and I’ve every confidence the ecosystem will grow ever better under his leadership“.

Alastair joined the NAB in 2020 as the representative from Philanthropy NZ. He was appointed CEO of BayTrust in 2015 and since his appointment has driven BayTrust to be one of the leaders in impact and sustainable investments in NZ. He has a passion for impact investing, both from its ability to help drive a more inclusive and sustainable society and also how impact investments can complement and further diversify an investment portfolio.

Alastair looks ahead, “I’m incredibly excited to be taking over from the great work that David has done leading the NAB over the last four years. With David continuing as the NAB’s GSG Liaison this will allow myself and the NAB to focus on how we can help catalyse and drive the momentum of Aotearoa’s transition to a truly sustainable economy. Through continuing to grow and promote Aotearoa’s impact investments and the associated ecosystem”.


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