A Practical Guide to Venture Philanthropy & Social Impact Investment

EVPA, Mar 2018: Click here to read the report.

This report outlines different steps to set up VP/SI organisations, giving tips with case studies and best practices.

The key characteristics of venture philanthropy include:

  • Tailored Financing: the process through which a VPO/SI finds the most suitable financial instrument(s) to support a social purpose organisation (SPO) choosing from the range of financial instruments available (grant, debt, equity, and hybrid financial instruments).

  • Organisational Support: the provision from VPO/SIs of added-value support services to investees (SPOs) to strengthen the SPO’s organisational resilience and financial sustainability by developing skills or improving structures and processes.

  • Impact Measurement and Management: the measurement and management of the process of creating social impact in order to maximise and optimise it

The VP industry seeks to complement existing forms of social finance and to contribute to the development of a more efficient capital market to support the social sector.


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