A Practical Guide to Social Impact Investing

Personal Finance Society, April 2018: Click here to read the report.

The Personal Finance Society has launched a guide for advisers on social impact investing, in light of recommendations to government from an advisory group.

The guide was put together by the PFS, with the support of the government’s independent advisory group on social impact investing and the Department for Digital, Media, Culture and Sport.

The independent advisory group was set up in 2016 with a report presented to government in November last year.

The group, led by Allianz Global Investors vice-chair Elizabeth Corley, recommended improved training for financial advisers and pension trustees.

The PFS guide will give advisers information on how to integrate value-based investing into their client recommendations.

PFS chief executive Keith Richards says: “We are aiming to provide guidance on, and give an overview of, this growing market – including recent government and regulatory activity – to help those investors with an interest in social impact investing to align their savings, pensions and investments with their personal values.”

Richards adds: “We have seen recent growth in the market for social impact investments that deliver a social impact as well as a risk-aligned rate of return. Meanwhile, the FCA has confirmed that no specific regulatory barriers exist to prevent retail investors or financial advisers increasing their involvement in social impact investing.”

Corley says: “In tandem with the recently commissioned impact investment adviser tool, the guide provides a practical resource to help advisers integrate value-based investing into their recommendations, enabling clients to support the things they care about through their choices.”

by Katie Marriner, 27 April 2018



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