Katie Beith

Katie joined the Guardians of New Zealand Superannuation (Guardians) in February 2016 and is a Senior Investment Strategist in the RI team for the NZ Superannuation Fund. She is involved primarily in leading their engagement programme, working with external managers, driving positive investment and developing the exclusion list. She also provides support and expertise for the Fund’s Climate Change Investment Strategy. Currently Katie is one of the lead investors of a global collaborative engagement that is calling for the social media companies to strengthen controls to prevent the livestreaming and dissemination of objectionable content such as that of the Christchurch terror attacks. Katie is currently serving on the External Reporting Board’s Stakeholder Advisory Panel (XRAP).

Before joining the Guardians, Katie had spent 8 years at Newton Investment Management (London) initially in the role of Assistant Fund Manager on the multi-asset desk. After 4 years, she moved into the Research Team as the Socially Responsible Investment Officer and worked towards establishing an environmental and social analysis capability which was integrated into Newton's investment process. Katie also worked for 3.5 years with the United Nations supported Principles for Responsible Investment as Head of Implementation Support, developing tools for signatories to implement the Principles across all asset classes. In her career, she has also spent time as an independent ESG consultant.

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