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"Impact investments are investments made into organisations and funds with the intention to generate social and environmental impact alongside a financial return" (Global Impact Investing Network).


Around the world, impact investing is attracting a variety of investors (including individuals, philanthropists, institutions and governments), and provides a broader range of financing options to advance social and environmental solutions. 

Mirroring global developments, interest in impact investment in New Zealand is on the rise. As an emerging community of practice around impact investment grows, it should be supported in order to enable connectivity, education, coherence and investment. This network is a response to this need and facilitates the coordination between actors to foster market development and activity. 

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About the National Advisory Board (NZNAB)

The National Advisory Board works to connect New Zealand to global market developments and to steer strategy and governance of the emerging market. This will be through its contribution to global market development led by the Global Steering Group for Impact Investment, working alongside the Australian and international Advisory Boards and developing a strategy for development of the market in New Zealand.

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